Thunder bolts and  cloudy gray
piercing pins in disarray

howling winds raising spectres of myth

dim bulbs dying a freezing death

twirling streets and mysterious by-lanes

dark alleys inviting darker games

lost was I in a directionless maze,

of life haunted by phantom days

black caps black coats walking by

inconsiderate they inconsequential I

irrelevant days in incongruous style

walking along, still one more mile

waiting in eager to end all this

In poetry alone do I find bliss


​Those 7 o’clock morning chills 

Accompanied with sweet whispering squeals.

Silken words in a silken voice 

Honey drops dripping , make no noise.

Splendid mornings and splendid noons

Night sky gazing for rooftop moons.

Distance matters not when hearts are near

When thoughts are twined with love so dear.

Misty eyes dropping costly pearls 

And the mind racing into stormy whirls.

For those days now I crave and pine 

If only they could have been forever mine.


The breeze from south, a touch of care
A tangy smell adrift, so unfamiliar

A lonely leaf balancing in the air

Those shy flowers that never were

Afraid of drizzling drops or dusty smear

The golden glow of the falling sun

Caressing on the empty chair

Beckoning the twilight,yes I was there!
Gazing at the starry sky, shall my night pass dear

And teary eyes will tell a story that no one shall hear

For who cares in the world how you do fare

If its a sweet dream or a nightmare

Still a distant melody pours into my ear

Seeps into my soul, removes all my fear

The soothing hand of night, a sensation queer.

Finally I am asleep, knowing mom is here.